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Pakistan Republic Day - Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Consulate General of Pakistan (Toronto)

Bismillah ar rahman ar rahim

Asalaamu alaikum

Thank you to Consul General Mr. Mohammad Imran Ali Chaudhary and the Consulate General of Pakistan Toronto for having us here today. I would also like to welcome all my fellow Parliamentarians, elected officials and colleagues to this wonderful occasion.

Pakistan Day is an ideal time for us to celebrate our homeland of Pakistan as well as the Pakistani community here in Canada.

As we are gathered here, under the shade of our beloved flag, we reflect on 72 years of brilliant history. As long as it soars in the sky, the flag serves as a testament to the courageous and resilient spirit of the Pakistani people.

It truly signifies how we feel about our nation - the crescent and star are a symbol of light that express our hope for progress. The green, which represents the Muslim majority, and the white, which stands for religious minorities, demonstrate our desire for acceptance and tolerance.  

As the first Canadian Senator of Pakistani origin, I am proud to say that these qualities are prominent in the Pakistani-Canadian community. We are a warm and vibrant people – one that preserves its heritage and actively contributes to the social fabric of Canada.

Prime Minister Harper noted “I value the special relationship between Canada and Pakistan and commend the community’s commitment to strengthening these bonds of culture, commerce and friendship.”

We stand here today in solidarity with Pakistan and with Canada. On behalf of myself and the Canadian government, I wish you a happy 72nd Pakistan Republic Day!